Jimmy and Elma Dowds: Founding Pastors

Jimmy and Elma Dowds

Jimmy and Elma have four children; Justin, Aaron, Gemma and Zara.  Jimmy and Elma started the Vine church in 1980 which started as a small group of friends meeting together in a house.  Jimmy and Elma with their eldership team; Lenny and Adrian Turk laid the foundations for a healthy and pioneering church in Scotland that has seen incredible miracles and achievements across the earth over the past forty years.

Jimmy and Elma handed over the leadership of the Vine Church to Aaron and Lynsey Dowds in June 2017.  They now serve in a supportive role for the pastoral team and focus on their international ministry working with churches, pastors and business leaders across the globe.

Jimmy's Favourites
Fighting Temptations.  Brilliant fun movie with amazing performance from Cuba Gooding Junior.

Steak, chips and onions in a special sauce cooked by Elma

Sarasota, Florida.  Sun, pool, sea and has great restaurants and bookshops
“To learn, you must love discipline; it is stupid to hate correction.”  Prov.12:1
God never keeps me short of fun moments that are the best ever spiritual vitamins for the soul.  The first ever funeral I did, I was so nervous and thought it could not be worse.  But then it did.  The funeral director was elderly and struggling with his memory and basically lost the body.  All I could do was conduct the whole funeral service without the body and thankfully the family saw the funny side of it.
Elma's Favourites