Thriving In The Father’s Embrace

Jimmy Dowds – Thriving In The Father’s Embrace | 30/01/22

“One single thing I’ve seen in 50 years of ministry that’s blocked so many from experiencing the fathers love is, THE FATHER WOUND.

Good people who have grown up wounded because of an absent , abusive , harsh or alcoholic father
resulting in adults who become workaholics to impress or are  emotionally stunted and unable to let their guard down.

Often times the partners or children long to be close to such adults but rarely ever experience warmth or intimacy.  I’ve witnessed before my very eyes some of the most violent hard human beings melt like an ice cream in a microwave with one single embrace of God the fathers love.

All fretting , worrying , insecurity and striving flee forever from your life the moment you truly experience the fullness of the Father’s love by revelation.

In this message  I will share how an American armed DA came into my meeting in Thailand to arrest the drug dealing hotel owner but God arrested him with the Father’s love leaving him sobbing like a baby .

Plus how the toughest, most famous sportsman in his nation sobbed for five days when God showed and poured out his love on him.

It’s amazing how your life can be radically transformed forever with one single supernatural embrace of our heavenly Father’s love.

COVID-19 had been devastating our members this week but IT WILL COME AND GO
and the explosive, eternal, unconditional love of the Father will last in your hearts for eternity.”

jimi dowds