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In this 6-part Bible study series, Dr. Les Parrott examines Jesus’s life and character traits to give practical definition to what it means to love like Jesus. The Holy Spirit invites us to trade detachment, exclusivity, judgment, fear, and self-concern for mindfulness, approachability, grace, boldness, and self-giving. He empowers us to love like Jesus, and frees us to experience genuine joy.

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Find the revolutionary path to success in the ultimate human challenge: truly loving other people. In this groundbreaking new book, #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Les Parrott weaves together insights from theology, psychology, and sociology to show ordinary believers how to radically change their relationships.

Psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Les Parrott provides a revolutionary path to success in the ultimate human challenge: truly loving other people. Let’s be honest. How many times have you fallen short at being a good friend, a wise parent, or a self-giving spouse because you didn’t love–truly love–at the highest level? It’s tough. We’re bound to fail. The bar is so high, especially if you aspire to love like Jesus. But it’s not impossible.

In Love Like Jesus, Dr. Parrott takes the latest findings from sociology and psychology and blends them with biblical understanding to reveal practical and often counter-intuitive ways of loving like never before. He breaks them down into five factors–being mindful, being approachable, being a grace-giver, being vulnerable, and being empathetic–and shows how to practice them in daily life. The result will be deeply fulfilling and meaningful connections with nearly anyone you encounter–but especially in the relationships that matter most.

“Greatest is Love, Studies in 1 Corinthians 13 by W Graham Scroggie and published by Ambassador Publications.

Love represented the chief fact and chief doctrine of Christianity. These preeminence and value of love, the prerogative and virtue of live and the permanence and victory of love are all treated. Caiaphas shows that spiritual discernment is possible apart from love. Judas shows that much knowledge of divine things is possible apart from love; and James and John show that a certain kind of faith is possible apart from love. It is love alone that makes these gifts of any real value to the possessor. Love must be kind. You can no more have love without kindness than you can have springtime without flowers. The greatest thing a man can do for his Heavenly Father is to be kind to some of His other children.” ICM Books Direct

Daily Devotional Readings on Love

What truly matters is loving God and loving others, but how do we do that effectively? The truth is, we can’t love people well in our own power. But when we look to God and lay ourselves down in humility, we can live from God’s authentic and powerful love. Learn more about growing in love in this 5-day Bible Plan from Pastor Amy Groeschel. 

Without question, what our world needs more than anything else is love. If people loved each other, really loved each other, there would be no more war, crime, abuse, injustice, poverty, hunger, homelessness, deprivation, or immorality. Love is the one ingredient that could revolutionize society. Love is the greatest quality of human life. Love is the supreme quality, the most excellent way for us to live. In this 7-day plan, explore the different aspects of love, including how to love others, remaining in Christ’s love, God’s agape love for us, and why love is greater than faith and hope. 

This video plan walks you through what love is by looking at the four types of love and how you can show this love to those around you. Start the 5 Day Plan now…

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