The Most Excellent Way : Love is Kind | 25.02.’24

Steve and Pattie Bowen

Who are Steve and Pattie?

“We’ve been married forever. A few years ago Pattie and I re-fired and didn’t retire. We embarked on a new journey.

We encourage others to develop outward-focused living.

Pattie is a special needs aide at a local elementary school. She is a triplet. She loves to create, laugh, and pray for others. We currently live in Kettering, Ohio.

We are serving Upper Room Worship Center in Tipp City, Ohio. I also write Ongoing how-to’s of small acts of kindness created to encourage people to have a positive connection to their world.” Click image below to view Eyesoutward.

Love is Kind by Steve Bowen

Book Recommendations

Go Sow by Steve Bowen

My book Go. Sow. Practical tips, stories, and helps toward outward-focused living… Is available on Amazon.

Steve Bowen