Marco Palmer: The Most Excellent Way – Love is Slow to Anger

Welcome to “The Most Excellent Way: Love is Slow to Anger: Harnessing Anger for Good”

Marco Palmer spoke on the subject of SLOW TO ANGER from 1 CORINTHIANS 13 or the Love Chapter. He used a comedy video about a quick tempered substitute teacher named Mr Garvy before talking about the high standards of handling anger in a godly manner as spoken about through-out Scripture – God is described as SLOW TO ANGER throughout the Bible and therefore we are to be slow to anger in reflection of the character of God. To illustrate this point Marco used the story of Methuselah from Genesis Chapter 5. His name in Hebrew means “When he dies judgment will be sent” and so the longest living human ever according to Scripture was also a prophetic warning and so God slowly waited for 969 years before sending the flood that destroyed all life on Earth apart from Noah, his family and the creatures on the ark. The next illustration was of Moses losing his temper at the second water from the rock miracle. Paul (who wrote the love chapter) became angry when he went to Athens and saw all the idols. However he was able to harness that anger for good, and preach the Gospel of Christ to the people of Athens. Lastly Christ was used as an example; instead of lashing out in anger at those crucifying him he was led like a lamb to the slaughter that was silent before his shearers. God’s perfect anger and perfect love collide at the cross of Christ. The Cross is a a picture of both God’s love and God’s anger. All Marco’s scripture notes follow in the pdf below:

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