Knowing The Holy Spirit Personally Week 1

Knowing The Holy Spirit Personally

A 9 Week Series  to lead you in deeper and more personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity, who is like the Father and the Son yet a distinctive person with his own thoughts, feelings and will.
The amazing privilege you have is the ability to get to know the Holy Spirit personally. You can learn how to live in His Presence and be filled with His power to enable you in your weakness.
The key is to know the Holy Spirit is a person and not an ‘it’ or impersonal force like electricity.
You were created to be filled and indwelt by the Holy Spirit.
God breathed His Spirit into Adam’s nostrils and he became the first Spirit-filled being on earth. God’s amazing plan for you is to also be filled and inhabited by the Holy Spirit and live a life of close relationship and partnership with Him.
The Holy Spirit is centred on Jesus and keeps you also centred on Jesus.
He equips you to serve Jesus, to serve with Jesus and to serve like Jesus.
He transforms you into the likeness of Jesus. He is all about Jesus.
My prayer is that through this 9 weeks you will grow in knowledge and experience of the Holy Spirit and therefore with Jesus and your Father. As you do so, you will discover the joy, peace and fulfilment that comes from knowing you have a ‘helper’ with you 24-7 who can guide you and help you no matter what you face.
The series is based upon teaching from Colin Dye in his book:
Knowing the Spirit (Sword of the Spirit Book 2) by [Colin Dye]

Week 1


The Holy Spirit in The Old Testament

My desire is that from today’s study of the Spirit you will clearly see the need you have for the Holy Spirit and have a stronger desire for Him.  You need the Holy Spirit’s power to open seas of impossibility that stand before you.  You need his breath to blow the quail of his provision into your camp.  You need the wind of God to blow upon the valley of dry bones in your life to bring dead hopes, dreams and situations to life.

You need the water of the Spirit to quench your spiritual thirst.  You need the water of the Spirit to bring cleansing, purity, life and flourishing.  You need the fire of the Spirit to refine your heart like pure gold to attain true wealth.  You need the Oil of the Spirit to feed you, light your lamp for direction and heal you that you may heal others.

You need the Spirit to work creative miracles for you, to reveal God’s will and truth to you, to equip you with skill, strength and give you all you need for leadership.  Would you agree with me that you and I desperately need and depend upon the Holy Spirit?  Hopefully after today will will see that more clearly and desire it more strongly.

Ruach Feb2021 pdf


“Ruach, ruach,
Holy wind of God, blow on me.
Touch the fading embers, breathe on me.
Fan into a flame all that You’ve placed in me.
Let the fire burn more powerfully.
Ruach, Ruach,
Holy wind of God,
Holy wind of God, breathe on me.”

Sunday Service Holy Spirit worship playlist:

Michael Emmett

“Brian Emmett was a career criminal in south London – a drug smuggler and gangster and contemporary of the notorious Kray twins, who he knew well.

Brian had a son called Michael, who joined ‘the family business’ at a young age. Father and son worked together as international drug smugglers. Their activities were very successful until, one night, they were arrested as part of a massive police operation involving twelve armed officers and sixty regulars in a small Devon fishing port, where a hoard of four metric tonnes of cannabis with a street value of £13 million was being landed.

At the time, it was the largest ever known importation of cannabis to the UK and they were each sentenced to twelve and a half years.

In 1994, Brian and Michael heard about Alpha while in Exeter Prison and decided to give it a try. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and their lives were completely transformed.

As father and son continued to serve their sentences, they were regularly transferred from prison to prison throughout England as is the normal practice. On arrival in each one, they introduced Alpha and more and more prisoners experienced the love of God for the first time.”

From Nicky Gumbel Bible in a Year Youversion Bible Devotion.



“I open the curtain and walk into the Holy Place. There I see the candlesticks, symbolic of the Holy Spirit, the sevenfold Spirit of God: wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear of the Lord, holiness.

Holy Spirit, I welcome a deeper more intimate relationship with you today. Through your anointing give me your wisdom. Help me to solve all the problems I face through your wisdom.

Give me your understanding so that I may understand the deep truths of God, and I may live those truths and pass them on to my children.

Give me counsel so that I will follow your narrow path. If it pleases you, allow me to advise others how to solve their problems.

Give me tremendous might so that I might be used by you to heal the hearts and lives of others and defeat the devil. You are the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Holy Spirit, increase my knowledge of the Bible. Give me a keen fear of the Lord so that I walk very softly before you and not commit any sin. Give me holiness though your presence, O Lord!

Holy Spirit you are a person, not a genie. The Father worked in the forefront during the Old Testament and Jesus worked in the New; I live in the Age of the Holy Spirit.

I don’t want to catch quail with my bare hands. I want your wind to blow the quail into my camp. I want to depend on you, Holy Spirit, not my own strength.

You are a Holy Person with a will and emotions. Forgive me for treating you impersonally. You should be welcomed, loved, caressed, adored, worshipped. You are my senior partner. You are my Lord. I depend upon you. Let’s go Holy Spirit. Thank you for your anointing. Let’s work together. I will follow you.”

Tabernacle Prayer By Cho