Jimi Dowds: The Most Excellent Way – Love is Other’s Centred

Welcome to “The Most Excellent Way: Week 5 – Love is Other’s Centred!”

Jimi’s message revolves around the theme of being “other’s-centred,” highlighting the transformative power it holds. He discusses the impact of being other’s-centred in ending conflicts and enhancing human flourishing. Drawing from personal experiences and insights, Jimi shares anecdotes about embracing chaos and stepping into a heavenly reality. He touches on Jesus’ sacrificial act of leaving his throne in heaven to enter humanity’s darkness, exemplifying selflessness and love. Jimi stresses the importance of embodying this other’s-centred love, especially during times of chaos and adversity. He warns against succumbing to worldly temptations and outlines the seven “killers” that hinder individuals from embracing this alternative reality. Throughout his message, Jimi emphasises the profound significance of Jesus’ sacrifice and encourages listeners to emulate his selfless love. He shares stories of individuals who have chosen to embrace chaos and serve others, exemplifying the transformative power of being other’s-centred. Listen to his message today!

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