Fire Starters Sunday I 07.01.’24

This Sunday, we had the youth group called Fire Starters join us, with a number of young people sharing testimonies and a lovely young lady called Louisa Murebwa sharing the word. See below to find all the ways in which you can watch:

Louisa Murebwa – The Army of God: The Spiritual Battle That We Are In

Louisa delivered a compelling sermon on the spiritual battle Christians face, emphasising the need to recognize the greater spiritual realm. Drawing from Ephesians 6:12, she stressed the importance of prayer and intercession in overcoming enemy strongholds. Louisa discussed the brokenness of the current generation and urged believers to regularly seek God’s guidance in serving His kingdom. She addressed potential challenges that may disarm believers, including distractions, lukewarmness, deception, doubt, and division within the church. Louisa encouraged listeners to stay vigilant and discerning in these areas. Closing with a call to “fight the good fight of faith” (1 Timothy 6:12), she emphasised the importance of unity and mutual support within the body of Christ.

Watch our guest speaker Louisa’s message at our YouTube channel by clicking the link below:

Josiah’s Testimony:

As well as Louisa, a young man named Josiah, shared his journey of faith during a challenging period of his life. He talked about growing up in a Christian home, but as life became difficult, he questioned God’s goodness and fell away from his faith. Josiah recounts a turning point during a worship night where he felt the the presence of the Holy Spirit after spending time in prayer. A friend’s encouragement led him to realise the need to embrace a revival mindset, actively pursuing God and bringing positive change to the world. Josiah emphasises the importance of humility, prayer, and action in fostering a revival, encouraging others to join in the effort.

Listen to Josiah’s message on our YouTube channel by clicking the link below:

Young People’s testimonies – What God put on their heart:

Before the sermon, we had five young people who attended the Fire Starters Weekend Camp, at the Vine, share a bit of their story and what they felt God put on their hearts, to share with the church. We heard the beautiful testimonies of Moses, Reuben, Katie, Lilly, and Kate.

Listen to their heartfelt words on our YouTube Channel by clicking the link below: