Aaron Dowds – Trusting in the One Who Delights in Me I 16.7.’23


This message revolves around the idea of how we perceive God’s face when we are weak, struggling, or experiencing failure. Aaron starts by asking the congregation to imagine the face of God or Jesus. He then shares a personal experience during his early morning prayer walk, where he read a passage about reflecting on one’s relationship with God. This reflection leads to envisioning God’s face as a loving, compassionate, and understanding father, who delights in his children, even in their weaknesses and failures.

The message highlights two contrasting views of God’s face: a face of law and a face of grace. The face of law is judgmental, disappointed, and possibly angry when we fall short. In contrast, the face of grace is full of love, compassion, empathy, and understanding, always ready to embrace us, even in our mess.

Aaron references the Prodigal Son story as told by Jesus to illustrate God’s face of grace. When the son returns after squandering his inheritance, the father, representing God, runs to him with compassion and love, rather than anger or disappointment. Jesus’ teachings and interactions with various individuals, like the woman caught in adultery and Peter’s denial, further reveal God’s face as one of compassion, forgiveness, and delight in His children.

The message emphasizes the power of grace and its ability to see the goodness and glory within us, even amidst our failures and weaknesses. Just as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables received grace and compassion instead of punishment, we, too, can encounter God’s face of love and transformation.

Aaron concludes by urging the congregation to embrace the gospel of grace and to love others as Jesus did. By seeing others with compassion, looking beyond their faults, and recognizing their inner beauty, we can imitate Jesus’ love and transform lives.

Ultimately, the message emphasizes that trusting the God who delights in us, even in our weakest moments, leads to joy, transformation, and a radiant countenance that is free from shame. By turning our eyes upon Jesus and gazing upon His wonderful face, the things of earth grow dim, and we can experience the light of His glory and grace.

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