Aaron Dowds: The Most Excellent Way – Love is Honouring

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Unlocking the Power of Love: The Most Excellent Way.

In his sermon titled “Love is Honouring,” Aaron highlighted the transformative power of honouring others, showcasing how small acts of kindness can deeply influence our lives. Drawing from personal experiences, he illustrated how feeling honoured can uplift, inspire, and bring joy, emphasising the profound impact of love and respect in our interactions. Aaron also touched upon the parable of the prodigal son, underlining how honour brings hope and love to those who feel rejected and despised. He pointed out how the father in the story honoured his son, who had dishonoured him by squandering his inheritance, teaching us to honour those who return to us despite having dishonoured us. Furthermore, Aaron stressed that Jesus, our ultimate example, never displayed improper or rude conduct, teaching us to show courtesy in all our interactions, whether in person or through electronic communication. Let us listen and learn today, embracing the power of honour in our lives and relationships.

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