Aaron Dowds – Hosting God’s Presence: A Journey to Deep Rest Part 2 I 26.11.’23

Get ready for an exhilarating journey with: “Hosting God’s Presence: A Journey to Deep Rest.” It’s the sequel to a message that took us by storm a few weeks back, and you don’t want to miss this follow up!

Ever thought about the incredible privilege we have as hosts to the very Presence of God? In this message, we’re diving deep into how hosting God transforms the ordinary, mundane corners of our lives into extraordinary places of awe. It’s all about living with heightened awareness and entering into His presence, and guess what? No more striving, wrestling, or climbing!

We kick off by revisiting Moses’ encounter on Mount Sinai, where God promises, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Moses understood that without God’s presence, they were finished! Do you recognise that too? That’s what being “poor in spirit” is about – knowing you’re finished without God, and guess what? The poor in spirit inherit the kingdom of heaven, not just in the future, but right here, right now!

Picture this: Your seemingly insignificant, everyday life becoming a stage for the supernatural. That’s the vibe we’re catching from Jacob’s ladder dream in Genesis. He spent his life striving for blessings that God had already planned to shower freely. Sound familiar? Are you wrestling to climb a ladder to success when Jesus already descended to bless you abundantly?

Ephesians 1:3 spills the beans – we’ve been blessed by grace, thanks to Jesus coming down the ladder to the Cross. No more climbing for blessings – they’re already yours! And the best part? We’re not alone. God’s presence is with us, transforming our ordinary places into awesome houses of God.I

Imagine waking up to the realisation that, like Jacob, God is in this seemingly insignificant place, and you didn’t even know it! Our ordinary lives can become awesome because God has come down the ladder to dwell with us. The message is clear – behold, be sure to see this, don’t miss it! Your ordinary place can become an awesome place because God is present.

So, are you ready to turn your ordinary into extraordinary? Be a host to God’s presence, work from a place of rest, and stop the constant wrestling. Let’s discover how to walk in His presence, change from the inside out, and become a distinguished royal house of God.

Join us in this exciting journey of transformation and discover practical steps to become better hosts of His presence. Get ready to experience more rest, joy, and peace as we delve into the kingdom of heaven right here, right now! Don’t miss it – see you there! #HostingGodsPresence #JourneyToRest

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