Friendship is the Best Medicine

What if Doc McStuffin is right?

Friendship is the best medicine

Can friendship actually heal a deep part of us that medicine cannot? In fact, a lot of what we now label “psychological” disorders are actually “disconnection” disorders from our lack of true and meaningful friendship.

“We must do something other than train professional experts to fix damaged psyches. Damaged psyches aren’t the problem. The problem beneath our struggles is a disconnected soul.” Larry Crabb

Much of our sickness comes from isolation, individualisation and disconnection. We were never created to live like this. If we do, we are violating who we were created to be and how we were created to live. Living disconnected lives is like trying to breathe under water. Larry Crabb puts it like this:

“Rugged individualism, proud independence, and chosen isolation violate the nature of our existence as much as trying to breathe under water. The capacities that distinguish us as human beings from all other creations (including angels and animals) were given to us so we could connect with each other…”

“We are all disconnected people, and it is the unbearable reality of separateness that causes us so many problems.“. Larry Crabb “Connecting”

So if much of human sickness is disconnection what is the best medicine? According to Doc McStuffin friendship is the best medicine.

Connection is the best medicine for disconnection. True friendship really can be a source of inner health and well-being.

The challenge is being that kind of friend and finding that kind of friend. One who does not run away from our weakness, pain and struggles but one who fully embraces us as we are and is filled with incredible faith and vision of who we truly are and can truly become.

Let’s not lose hope of being or finding that friend. Start today. Pick up the phone, drop a text, meet for a coffee and let’s enjoy friendship more than we ever have. It could just be the best medicine as Doc McStuffin said.