Vine News w/c 10/01/22


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Coronavirus – what’s the latest?

One new piece of information is that we would like to request that you take a lateral flow test on the morning before a service and not attend if it is positive.

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Pioneer Prayer – Tue 18th January 2022

We have seen wonderful answers to prayer over the last months.

In the Vine at present we have a prayer chain alerting us of prayer requests which we then pray over personally in our homes and corporately in our life groups…this will always be the case. If you have a personal prayer request please fill in the form here.

Pioneer Prayer is on most Tuesday nights from 9-930pm.

At Pioneer prayer we want to pray for new things, breakthroughs and miracles.

We aim for each to include any prayer chain requests, peoples requests on the night and focus on a topic or theme.

RightNow Media

Free access for Vine members to RightNow Media which is like the Netflix of Christian Bible Study. Please email Colleen your email address if you would like free access.

Free to Vine members if you have accessed RightNow Media from your email invitation. Please email Colleen if you have any issues accessing your gift.

RightNow Media

Find Your People By Jennie Allen

Coming February 2022

Never in the history of civilization have we been more connected and felt more alone. We are all so lonely. What if the ways we have set up our lives are fundamentally broken?

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Have you joined our closed Vine Church Facebook Group yet?

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Pastures New

Eddie and Trina Henderson have decided to move on from the Vine church after four years of faithful service and attendance. After retiring from 40 years as Pastors in Blairgowrie they joined the Vine for a time to consider their next steps and hear God’s voice for this new season in their lives.

During these last four years they have built good friendships and supported the church greatly including teaching on the “According to the Pattern” Course and serving on our Host Team and attending Life Groups. They will be greatly missed but remain friends and we pray blessing on their next steps and look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Revive Wellbeing Hub & Cafe

Self Care January


Why not come along to one of our events or for a cuppa in the cafe and sample some delicious home baking on offer.

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Get On Yer Hike

Fancy a hike in the wonderful Pentlands Sat with Get On Yer Hike and get some of these views?Get On Yer Hike 9

Experience the beauty and wonder of the Pentlands.
£20 to sign up.

Less than 40 minute drive from Dunfermline.

Not a Munro :  12.25km,  609m ascent:

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Activity Pack Week

Photo by Dragos Gontariu on Unsplash

The next kids activity pack week is Sunday 23rd January.

Lost Property

We will have a table set out at the Sunday Morning Service with the lost property that has been collated over the last couple of months.

See the source image

Next Blood Bank Sunday / Saturday evening Service

Scotblood are next here on Sunday 6th February.  Our service will switch to Saturday 5th February 6-730pm that weekend.


To keep up to date with Vine church events and to easily export the dates into your diaries please see Vine events page:

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Donate Now

If you’re a UK taxpayer, you can sign up for GiftAid!

Did you know that by simply completing a form, we can claim back an additional 25% of your giving from HMRC at no cost to you.  So if you give £100, we can claim an additional £25 from HMRC! As you can imagine, this amounts to a significant sum which allows us to do more to advance the Kingdom of God. To find out more, contact the Vine office or print off the Gift Aid form here and hand into the Vine office.  |  01383 631 001