The 20:80 Table Challenge

The 20:80 Table Challenge

We are looking for 20 generous people who will buy a round table for £80.

And 20 people who will buy a round white tablecloth for £10.


Services like Easter and the Burns night ceilidh are so important to the Vine Church.  These services are a great way to bless our community and be a blessing in our community.  Some people in our city would never come to a normal Sunday service but will come to one of our special events.

And round tables are just wonderful to help people communicate, relax and eat together.  So much of Jesus’ ministry was round a table.

We can hire in 20 round tables and covers but the hiring costs us £381 per occasion.

We can use our own rectangular tables but the round tables create such a warm and special atmosphere that we are launching this appeal.

We are asking for your help.  Could you buy the Vine Church a round table for £80?

If this is too much could you buy a Round White Tablecloth for £10?


We are needing 20 of each for our up and coming Easter Sunday service.

Please make a donation below.  All donations that come in online for £80 (or multiples) or £10 (or multiples) will go to this table appeal.  Please do email Ronnie to confirm you have made a donation and what you would like to donate.

Thanks so much for your love and generosity and for being an amazing source of blessing in our community.