Mike and Claire Fisher: Vine kids leaders

Mike and Claire Fisher

Mike and Claire have two children; Jessica and Matthew. Mike and Claire joined the Vine church in 1997 and Mike and Claire have served as Vine kids leaders since 2008. Claire is employed 8 hours per week as Vine kids leader.

Mike's Favourites

Claire's Favourites
Sound of Music

Chicken roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding

Anywhere as long as its a caravan with a sea view for beach fun and walks by the sea. The Isle of Wight was a perfect location a few years ago and even had a sweet cafe overlooking the beach so that ticked an extra box for me!
“You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.”  
One of my early school reports said ‘Claire tends to chatter non stop!”  I was only 6 though.