Synergie News March 2022

Synergie News

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We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to each one of you who have supported us either through your kind words of encouragement, prayer or financial support. We are extremely grateful to you, our amazing pastors, leaders & Vine Church! Please know your input is a massive blessing to us and many precious young people!

It has been an exciting and challenging time at Synergie over the last few years through the pandemic. We have had to quickly look at new ways of connecting with youth and started meeting on zoom! During this time we missed meeting in person but meeting on zoom also brought our church youth closer together as we met in a new way.

We still managed to have loads of fun games, lots of time to chat with the youth to see how they were doing, worship, followed by an inspiring word from one of our youth leaders & some excellent talks from some of our youth! We had some great times on zoom and the youth have actually helped us through the pandemic with their fun, positive attitude & energy!

Once some restrictions were lifted, we were able to meet back in person at the Vine which has been really special and the youth have been amazing sticking to all the guidelines of wearing masks and social distancing etc. We have loved meeting with the youth again for some more fun, time of worship and at the moment we are going through topics such as Worship, Prayer, Bible reading, How to hear from God & How to share our faith with others. We are so proud of the youth who have shown amazing resilience & strength through a time of constant changes i.e. exams, home schooling & the disap- pointment of events & many other things being cancelled. Synergie has been a great way to support and encourage one another through this time especially.

We are looking at ways of reaching out to more youth in our community and are hoping to run a Youth Alpha course after the summer holidays where they can bring friends along. We are also looking forward to running a Youth Encounter Dayin November! We have had some brilliant events such as Youth Worship Nights with our friends at Heart & Sound, outreach DJ nights and fun social nights.

We would like to thank our amazing youth leaders Ewan Mitchell & Mel Thomson who have been an incredible support & encouragement to us and Synergie. We are extremely grateful for all their hard work and all they pour out into Synergie. They have been so faithful even while still facing their own challenges and the busyness of life with work & family life.

We hope you enjoy reading some of the reports from some of our wonderful youth in Synergie!

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