Vision Sunday – Hope and a Future I 2.6.’24

Vision Sunday marked a transformative moment with an exciting faith move for our Church. Our Pastors and Pastoral leadership team have sought God’s heart and wisdom for the future vision and direction for our church family and are convinced He has even brighter, hope filled plans for the next decade. A radical shift was key to breakthrough, which they strongly believe God is guiding them towards. Aaron Dowds shared a powerful testimony from a revelation following a flat tyre on the journey home recently and a helpful stranger whose name inspired truth of a “cascade” of the Holy Spirit to propel the church forward. Revelation inspires faith and hope, so holding onto this revelation Aaron reminded the congregation to trust God’s guidance with this exhilarating announcement for the near future, involving a partnership with Vine Church and Grace City Church Elim in Dunfermline. Tune in now to uncover the exciting path God has laid out for our church family and the inspiring journey and adventure He is planning for Dunfermline.

Here are Aaron Dowds’ PPT Slides that he used; you can view or download them below: