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Is Christianity good or bad for society?

Well what does the evidence suggest over the past 200 years?

Did you know that up until 200 years ago, average life expectancy was about 45-years-old. Up until 200 years ago, less than 10% of the global population could read.

Has Christianity had anything to do with this unbelievable improvement?

Albert Einstein once said, “First, God gave us Newton’s laws of motion,” and then the rest of his quote essentially says, “Modern science is the result of that.”

John Ortberg says:

“Through our learning, our work, our culture, our relationships, technology, the arts, medicine; we are with humility to add goodness and beauty to families and societies and creation so that God’s whole project becomes a glorious delight to all who see it”

This is what Christians have been doing for hundreds of years and it’s what they are called to continue doing. Unfortunately many give Christianity a bad name but real followers of Jesus are TRANSFORMERS bringing goodness and beauty to families and societies.

Hans Rosling: 200 years in 4 minutes

Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast Episode 311: John S. Dickerson on the bias against Christianity, how Christianity has made a surprisingly positive contribution to history, and why Christianity is the opposite of anti-intellectual

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