Tranforming Cities – Week 2. It’s Your Serve

This is part 2 of our Transforming Cities series through a B.L.E.S.S strategy.

This week we cover the “S” of Serve (apologies the sequence is out of sync due to the Sunday cancellation we had due to snow)

“Your half way through losing the game and your opponent shouts “ it’s your serve “

The buzz you get because just maybe you can serve up a beauty and change the game.

Jesus changed the game of history for ever when he took the towel off the ball boy and put it over his own arm.

It seemed like up to that point mankind thought that position , appearance , intelligence , knowledge or power was what was required to conquer.

The master did what no other King would dream of doing,

he let the world know that if you truly want to transform your LIFE , culture and a city then ?

– ITS YOUR SERVE – that counts.

But there’s more

In preparing to preach this part two of the Transforming Cities series i cried out to God to unlock the mystery further about this world changing principle then boom !

It came so simply yet like a blinding revelation that set my whole being on fire.

I can’t wait to share this biblical insight at Vine this Sunday

It left me feeling like the disciples did even when they didn’t recognise Jesus on the road to Emmaus

“ our hearts were strangely warmed “

Believing God to not only strangely warm but set every heart on fire with the truth in Gods word.”

Jimmy Dowds

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