Revealing The Invisible God

Revealing The Invisible God

How to Bring His Love to Full Expression



This morning I want you to discover how you can grow spiritually and how to have his love brought to full expression in you. We will discover that in order to have God’s love more fully expressed in us we have to abide in love and love one another. Loving one another is how we abide in love and so this morning we will look more closely at how to abide in love and what does loving one another look like?

And God is known not only in the revelation that comes to us in Jesus (Joh 1:18) but also by the manifestation of our love for each other (1Jn 4:12). The love of believers makes evident and concrete the activity of God among them. In fact, when the Elder writes that this is how [God’s] love is made complete, he means that it reaches its intended goal when it flows from God, through us, to our fellow believers. The love with which God loved us must in turn be extended to the fellowship of believers.”

1-3 John: IVP New Testament Commentaries Paperback by Marianne Meye Thompson

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