John Murabyo – Standing Strong Through The Storm I 26.5.’24

John Murabyo’s message emphasises the importance of standing strong through life’s storms, drawing from Romans 12:1-3. He stresses that everyone, regardless of their status or background, will face challenges. The core of his message is to encourage people not to be changed by these difficulties but to stand firm and transform their circumstances instead.
Murabyo uses the analogy of a carrot, an egg, and a teabag in boiling water to illustrate different responses to adversity. The carrot becomes soft, symbolising people who weaken under pressure. The egg hardens, representing those who become bitter and unyielding. The teabag, however, transforms the water, signifying individuals who, despite being small or seemingly insignificant, influence and change their environment positively.
He urges people to be like the teabag, not allowing the world to alter their core values but instead making a positive impact on the world around them. He draws a parallel to Jesus Christ, who, despite facing immense trials and crucifixion, remained steadfast and ultimately transformed the world. He concludes with a call to embrace unity, support one another, and draw strength from Jesus to withstand and transform through life’s storms. Listen today!

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