Generosity Revolution Week 3

“How do modern Christians and churches avoid the seductive power of material possessions? How can wealth remain a “good” for their enjoyment rather than leading them further away from God and the priorities of His Kingdom? The recurring answer of both Testaments is through generous giving to others.”

Craig L. Blomberg, 52 “Revolution in Generosity”

Listen to Aaron Dowds’ third installment of his four part series on ‘Generosity Revolution’ listen now on iTunes or Soundcloud.

The richest couple in the world, Bill and Melinda Gates were asked to give a pitch why people should be generous and give money away and what did Bill say?

“It’s the most fulfilling thing we have ever done …you can’t take it with you.”

Bill Gates.

Did you know they have given over 95% of their wealth away to the poor? Watch their inspiring video interview.

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Generosity Revolution Week 3 Worksheet 10.06.2018

Watch this six minute video on the rope illustration by Francis Chan.

Elisabeth Elliot

The missionary who lived with the tribe that killed her husband.

“Lord, break the chains that hold me to myself; free me to be Your happy slave – that is, to be the happy foot washer of anyone today who needs his feet washed, his supper cooked, his faults overlooked, his work commended, his failure forgiven, his grieves consoled or his button sewed on. Let me not imagine that my love for You is very great if I am unwilling to do for a human being something very small.”