Called to Create

Called To Create

Listen now to Stuart Hannah bring his intriguing message inspired by the incredible book by Jordan Raynor “Called to Create”

‘God presents himself in the Bible first of all as the Creator God. He could have begun this story in lots of different ways, but the place he chose to say “human beings, this is who I am, I want you to know this about me first” is here: I am the Creator God. And so the very first chapters of Genesis begin with these unfolding stories of God in action creating out of nothing, bringing into being, stage by stage, day by day everything that is. If you are one who has a greater amount of creativity in you, you have a place at the table of god’s people and of humanity. You are valid. Step up. Bring what you’ve got. Don’t you dare hold back. Not cringing back, not with arrogant pride, with sane humility bring your stuff. Other people need it.’
– Jerry King, Called to Create

If you are passionate about entrepreneurship, gifted at the craft, and have been given opportunities to use those passions and gifts to love and serve others, you are called to createnow its up to you to steward those god given gifts well, so that the master may also say to you ‘well done good and faithful servant”

– Robert Sirico, Called to Create

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