Ben Jack – No Plan B

No Plan B

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Ben Jack is the head of Advance: The Evangelists Movement based at The Message Trust in Manchester.

Advance is committed to the equipping and multiplication of preaching evangelists in the UK and beyond, and through the Advance 2020 initiative is working towards proclaiming the gospel face-to-face to more than 2 million people across the UK in 2020.

Ben has written two books on evangelism and as award-winning DJ Galactus Jack has been performing and preaching the gospel around the world for more than a decade.

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“Have we settled for a shallow and comfortable understanding of the gospel?

The world-transforming story of Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection is all too often surrounded by confusion and misunderstanding, but to live it authentically and share it simply we must resolve to know the gospel deeply.

In The Simple Gospel, Ben Jack draws on years of real-life evangelistic experience and solid theological exploration to help us rediscover the beautiful simplicity at the heart of the Christian message. It’s time to get serious about speaking out the Jesus story once again.”

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