Alan Kelly – The Most Excellent Way: Love Always Protects

Welcome to “The Most Excellent Way: Love Always Protects!”

Unlocking the Power of Love: The Most Excellent Way.

“Love always protects” reflects Gods character and the apostle Paul’s description of the qualities of real love. But in this world of suffering and wars and poverty it can often be difficult to believe it. This message can help us gain confidence in this promise of God as we recognise that God has always promised His people He would fight our battles, give us victory over our enemies and watch over us with compassion and concern. Looking at the names of God and recognising the age we are in, where the fullness of God’s will is yet not done on earth shows us we are still in a battle. Jesus taught his disciples that His name has power to overcome the enemies we face and how we can still run into this strong tower to be saved.

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