Nocturnal Owls

In March 2018 I was travelling with my family for a 3 night break to Flamingo land.  At our first service station, outside of our window was a large picture of an owl that grabbed my attention.

I later went to the bathroom and they were selling figures of owls outside the shop.  We arrived at our first home and on the living room mantle piece was an owl figure.  In the garden was a wooden figure of an owl standing on the decking.

 When we got home, Lynsey started hearing an owl  from our garden making noises.  And then I noticed in my kitchen hanging a calendar that Judy had made but I had never noticed before.  And what had she painted?  You got it!

It was very clear to me God wanted to speak to me about owls so I came across this article.

Here’s a few points that grabbed my attention and felt God was speaking to me about:

“The prophetic mascot for this season is no longer the eagle, but the owl. Because the owl is nocturnal—the owl lives in the darkness, can see through the darkness and knows ‘who’s who.’”


“He was teaching me to see people as He sees them, breaking down my former judgments and stereotypes. Teaching me to see as the owl does—in the dark.


The heart of our Father looks and reaches beyond what is seen by our natural eye, and even what we know presently through discernment.  He looks beyond a person’s exterior and the interior condition of their soul. He looks beyond a person’s history and He sees a much-loved child of God, someone who has a prophetic identity, and a destiny in His Kingdom.


As Kris Vallotton points out, the role of prophetic ministry is to look into the darkness and see the treasure in hidden places. (Is 45:3) He says, “An owl can look through the darkness and see a Rahab (a prostitute in the Old Testament) and know it’s the great great great great… Grandmother of Jesus Christ.” [1] (Josh 2:1, Matt 1:5)


“And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness— secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name.”  Isaiah 45:3 NLT

Then I came across this video by Kris Vallotton where he makes some great points:

Here’s a few points that really stood out:

“What’s the point?  The point is God has called us to be a River that leaves the sanctuary.  That goes into the deepest, darkest places of the planet and like Daniel, we learn how to minister to people who we don’t agree with but that we love.”

This is so timely to what God has been speaking to us about our vision and mission.  It reminded me of a message I peached last year call The Transforming River about Ezekiels temple where the river flows from the Temple into the Araba meaning -the Great Depression.  The three main points were;  Fill – Flow – Find.

Here are some great points from Kris Vallotton’s message:

“If we are going to move into darkness we are going to have to learn to customise without compromise.”


“What would happen if we actually loved people that we don’t agree with?”


“It’s really hard to be ready for the jungle when you are trained in the zoo.  We have domesticated the lion of the tribe of Judah and wonder why we are completely irrelevant to the world.”


“I propose Daniel changed Babylon because he loved the people he didn’t agree with.”

So the owl is a great reminder that we are called to see in the darkness and be a River that leaves that goes into the deepest, darkest places of the planet.

Fill – Flow – Find