Media Team Volunteers Required

“Our Church is not built on the talents and gifts of a few but on the sacrifice of many.” –Brian Houston

The Vine church is as effective as our people.  The greatness of our church relies on the heart of our people and their willingness to serve others.  Our church functions because ordinary people give their time, talents and energy willingly and cheerfully to serve others.

Joining a team is an excellent way to get connected into the life of our church, make friends and help the church to grow.  In fact the growth in health and size of our church depends on every member serving and “doing their own special work”:

“…as each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is growing and full of love.”

Eph.4:16 NLT

Media Team Volunteers Required

As we move forward as a church we are looking to start a new and exciting media team.  This team will oversee production of Vine Church Videos.  This will include filming, live-streaming, producing and editing.

Videos will include daily encouragement video, testimony videos, announcement videos, filming and live-streaming of Vine Church services.

If you are interested in joining this team please fill in the form below.  All forms will be assessed and a few will be selected for further discussion.  Do not be disheartened if you are not selected at first, there may be another opportunity as the team grows further down the line.

Experience is desired but not essential.

Connect Weekends Host Form

Please give us the names of 3 people/ families that you would like to Host. You will only be allocated one person or family from your choice of 3. If you can take more than one of your choices (up to a maximum of 6 people - not including children under 12 - from 2 households please mention here)
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