Fight Club

Men, Your hour has come to move from fed up to head up.

Fight Club trains men to fight an excellent fight.

It leads men to win the right battles.

Fight Club

Trains men to be


Who is it For?

All men aged 16plus.

What Happens at Fight Club?

At Fight Club, we eat curry together and enjoy some banter with friends.

There is darts, table tennis and XBOX 360.

We watch some comedy for a laugh as laughter is good medicine and good for mental health.

There is a speaker on the night who talks about an issue related to physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health. Then we discuss the topic and help and encourage each other.

Fight Club is led by Christians but is open to those of different faith or no faith. “Religion” is not shoved down anybody’s throat but we discuss issues that all men fight and wrestle with.

Is there fighting or physical training at Fight Club?

No this is not a fight club or training club. Details of what we do are explained above.

Feedback on Fight Club 59


“Needless to say, I was surprised at the lack of religious references, I think there were one or two and a prayer at the end. I was also surprised at there being quite a few other guys that weren’t churchgoers and I think that allowed me to feel more settled.

The content of the evening was great, I have done a lot of research at uni on digital technology and the breakdown of human interaction so it was something that interested me, the whole thing resonated with me I guess and I honestly enjoyed the night.

The curry was also great and everyone seemed welcoming and friendly. It wasn’t what I expected it to be and

the night definitely exceeded my expectations and I’ll definitely come back.”

Colin Nicholas

“In the past week, 3 young lads from the area have died, after thinking there was no other way to go on.
I’ve delt with depression my whole life, through one thing or another, even now when everything looks great, there’s still a fight.

Its only recently through being given news from my doctor and from going to an amazing group that I’ve never wanted to live and appreciate things so much.

If you’re struggling, you can obviously come to me, I’m not great at accepting help, but awesome at giving it, or you can join me and a group of awesome guys at fight club at the vine church.

It’s a religious group, but

I could never have imagined a less religious looking group of guys Haha

some aren’t at all. There are guys fighting all sorts of battles there, from drug addiction, release from long jail sentences to your average looking guy who you’d think has no issues, but we all do in one way or another.

We’re just all there for each other and that’s been huge for me recently (the awesome curry is a bonus) it’s £6 for a ticket, if you canae afford it I’ll pay you in, it could be life changing.

Guarantee you’ll have a good time.”

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