Connect Weekends

Connect Weekends

To strengthen and grow friendships and relationships in the church and to help ensure everyone feels connected.


Any time on weekend 26th – 27th September 2020


A Connect Weekend is one where we meet in one another’s homes following all advice and guidance from Scottish government.  If comfortable we encourage you to eat together again following guidance on eating.  If there are children, do some fun party style games for the kids and let them play.  Adults can play a game also if they want.  Get to know each other.  Ask each other questions to learn about people’s upbringing, faith journey, testimonies of what God has done in their life.  Pray for each other.

Zoom Church

To free up more time for the Connect Weekends, Zoom Church will be on Sunday nights at 8pm on those weekends. This will be a trial to see what it is like to do an evening service and freeing up more time during the day on a Sunday for Connect weekends to take place.


A host is someone who is willing to open up their home and welcome others in. Initial Hosts will be from Aaron and Lynsey’s leadership group and Life Group leaders. We will grow the number of hosts for future Connect weekends.

We ask all Hosts to follow the Scottish government guidelines below for “Meeting Others” indoors.

Scottish Government Guidelines for meeting indoors

Meeting others: indoors and outdoors

You are advised to meet people from no more than 1 other household at a time indoors or outdoors. You should stay at least 2 metres apart from people from other households at all times.

This limit applies if meeting others at home, in an outdoor space including a garden or park, or in a pub, restaurant or café. See guidance on meeting others in a pub, restaurant, café or other indoor hospitality venue.

For this reason you should meet in small numbers so that physical distancing will be possible.

Our advice is that no more than 6 people in total (from a maximum of 2 households) should meet at any time in such settings, except as explained below.

As long as physical distancing between members of different households is maintained, this can include overnight stays.

Children under 12 from the 2 households do not need to maintain physical distance and do not count towards the total number of people at the gathering. Adults accompanying these under 12s should maintain physical distancing from other adults not in their own household or an extended household.

You should not meet people from more than 4 other households in total (whether indoors and/or outdoors) each day.

Meeting no more than 4 other households each day will limit the risk that someone who had the virus without realising it could infect multiple households on the same day.

You should:

  • stay at least 2 metres away from anyone who is not part of your household
  • maintain hand and cough hygiene
  • avoid touching hard surfaces with your hands
  • follow advice on the NHS Inform website about physical distancing and hygiene
  • wash your hands when you arrive, when you leave, when you get home and especially before eating or after touching surfaces
  • not share food or utensils – if eating, each household should bring, prepare and eat their own food separately
  • if possible, keep rooms well ventilated – consider opening windows or a door
  • Those at a higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus (including those who had been shielding, people over 70, people who are pregnant and people with an underlying medical condition) should strictly follow the physical distancing guidance.

Please read full guidelines here

Conversational Skills

Connect Weekends offer the perfect opportunity to grow and develop our conversational skills.  Many have great conversational skills, yet it is all something we can grow in and improve.

The art of conversation does not necessarily involves talking lots.  More important than talking well is the ability to ask good questions, listen well and then ask more probing, open questions to learn more about the other person.

On the attachment below are some tips and ideas.  A lot of the information below is from the book “Conversationally Speaking” by Alan Garner.

Conversational Skills

To learn more read “Conversationally Speaking” by Alan Garner.

Connect Weekends Host Form

Please give us the names of 3 people/ families that you would like to Host. You will only be allocated one person or family from your choice of 3. If you can take more than one of your choices (up to a maximum of 6 people - not including children under 12 - from 2 households please mention here)
MM slash DD slash YYYY

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