Adorn October 2018

Share Your Story

What a great evening ladies full of hidden treasure! From the delicious treats, to finding common themes with shared birthday months.  And beyond to a beautiful time in God’s presence in worship and then receiving another great inspiration from Mel’s story!

We want to see you equipped to share boldly the story God has and is still unfolding in your lives. All too often we can believe our story isn’t relevant or already known. Yet God uses all things in our lives together for good. Every part of our lives He is writing a beautiful story. And with everything He reveals and teaches us life gems of heavenly wisdom along the way, as we surrender all.

Another word for your story is your testimony. And it says in 1 John 5:10

“Those who believe in the son of God have a LIVING testimony in their hearts”

So share that life with your story with others and let your life begin to shine beyond the perimeters of your heart to others. Pray and ask God for wisdom and fresh courage to share and let’s spread life and love to all.

Come on ladies and adorn your world with your beautiful story God is writing through your life! Xx

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The date of our next event is Wednesday the 28th of November.  We hope to see you there.